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Please contact us for quotes, service or repairs.

Modern improvements today make the home security alarm systems more advanced than ever before. The latest security systems have support that can keep your property secure and still work withing your budget.

Home alarm systems have been an asset to reducing insurance rates and protecting homes. The first home alarms were not discreet and often required specific code pads and features that could not be adjusted. Many modern alarms come with smart home integration, support for tablets and features that can be customized.

We are equipped with some of the latest wireless technology for home security. We have features like sensors and lenses which are not only affordable but also reliable. These wireless systems include indoor and outdoor alarms, water leak detection systems, motion detectors and more.

At All State Security, Australia, we have a wide range of home alarm systems to suit your needs. We have options for those looking for low-cost alarms and higher-end alarm systems that can be customized to meet your requirements.

You should be confident in your home; All State Security is the perfect choice to give you that peace of mind and security!Call us today to find out more details and read about our low prices.

  • Motion detectors: Allow your window and doors to be monitored, and therefore serves as an additional layer of protection to your windows and doors. These devices can sense intruders moving through the home and hence serve as additional home security system equipment.
  • Audible alarms: Alert you when your protected doors and windows are opened. These products can be customized and expanded for larger homes.
  • High-decibel alarm system sirens: Help scare away intruders and also alerting neighbours in cases of emergencies. It plays a loud sound and helps in keeping your home free of intruders. Back-up Battery Protection: This ensures that your home is protected even during power failure.
  • Front Yard Sign & Window Decals: Yard signs and window decals deter potential intruders by showing your home is now guarded by an advanced Allstate Security monitored home security system.
  • PIR (Passive infra red) alarm systems are triggered by motion detection sensors, glass break detectors or reed switches which are installed in areas that are vulnerable such as entry and exit points. (Pet detection sensors may need to be a consideration if you have pets).
  • CCTV: A home security camera wont make loud noises or alert your neighbours that there is a threat to your home but the images recorded by a CCTV camera can be accessed via a mobile device or your computer and recorded on a DVR to be played back and stored for viewing at a later time.

Your home is your castle. Or is it? A home burglary can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Today there is a burglary every 2 minutes which can leave your family feeling devastated, vulnerable and violated. The majority of home and apartment burglaries occur during the daytime when most people are at work or out shopping, picking up the kids from school and so on. Imagine the misery that you or your family would feel, returning home to find your home has been burglarised or vandalised. Or worse, the potential danger of returning whilst the intruder is still in your home. The reality of the intrusion is that while personal items can be stolen or destroyed, it is your family’s peace of mind and sense of security and safety which is lost through a break-in. Your home contents may be insured but often stolen or damaged objects have precious and irreplaceable sentimental value. Personal computers may contain precious photos and important personal data.

Prevention is far more preferable to living through the devastation of an intrusion into your home. An essential part of creating a safe environment is installing a home security system that can watch over those you love, even when you can’t. Modern home security alarm systems are more advanced and far more effective than ever before. Allstate security design and install personalized residential security systems that can deter a potential burglar or vandal and prevent a break in before it occurs. Small wonder that you would want to protect your home and prevent the possibility of break-in by having a security system installed. Don’t wait until a theft has occurred to purchase an Alarm system. We install a range of systems for residential customers and can provide a solution to suit your unique requirements. Our sales consultant can provide you with obligation free advice today, please feel free to call.

Sensors are made from the best quality components with updated features like long-range reception and wall penetration that are much better than before. We have sensors to keep you informed of every event in or around your home – whether you’re at home or not.

A continuous system will provide an alarm whenever an intruder or any unauthorized person attempts to enter your house in the case of an attack. A momentary system will only trigger when, for example, someone tries to enter your home once the door is being opened.

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