Allstate Security provides residential, business and commercial security solutions across Melbourne. Quality, affordable, on time and peace of mind. Trust the security specialists.

About Us

Established in 1988, and now situated in Epping Victoria, Allstate Security is a modern, dynamic company that focuses on providing outstanding customer service and quality workmanship. We can supply and install all types of security systems Melbourne wide. We guarantee fast, responsive and professional service no matter which suburb in Victoria you are located in.

Our specialty services include the design, installation, maintenance and repair of CCTV camera systems, alarm security systems, 24 hour alarm monitoring, access control and intercoms. We can even install ducted vacuum systems.

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Our Services

Keep a close eye on what’s important to you. Access cameras remotely via iPhone and Android smart apps.

The only choice for your home or business. Our home security options are essential.

Protect your building and valuable work assets.
Keep staff organised in a safe environment.

Keep your family or employees safe and secure. We install Intercom solutions you can rely on.

Back to base monitoring is a service that notifies authorities when your alarm has been activated 24/7.

Allstate Security services all makes and models. Contact us if you need your security devices repaired.

At Allstate Security
We have the solution to all your security needs

Security has become an important priority in Australia. There are a plethora of security systems to protect our homes, businesses and property. Maintaining a secure property is important but with the wide range of systems available, it can quickly get confusing on the right system to choose for your property. 

CCTV systems and alarm systems act as an excellent deterrent when someoneis attemping to break int oyour property and even intercom systems can be highly beneficial to receiving help during an emergency. A homeowner deserves to feel secure in their own home and with the help of a quality security system, it is possible to keep a home safer, well monitored and less difficult to break into. A security system will lower insurance rates, help give a homeowner peace of mind and keep families safer. 

So, what are the benefits of installing an agile security system on your business or home?

  • Safety Benefits
  • Easy to Use
  • Peace of Mind

A security system provides you with the benefit of protecting your business or home and prevents vandalism and theft. Installing a security system can improve peace of mind.  

It is very important that you do not compromise on their security. The installation of an intelligent and well-structured security system will help make sure you can act accordingly in an emergency. Without a proper installation, you could be risking your property and your safety.

Another advantage of installing a security system on your business or home is that you can use it without any a steep learning curve. Any quality security system will come with detailed instructions and an ease of use. The entire system is designed to be intuitive including an easy arm and disarm feature.  

You can be sure that your business, property or home is secure and that no one will be able to enter your premises without permission. With an agile security system, you will not have to worry at all about the safety of your loved ones, home or even property because they can ensure it with the security system. A security system installation can make you feel better before you go to sleep or enjoy any extended vacation.

Designed to offer superior protection

Many business or home owners in Melbourne, Australia, want to find the ideal security system to suit the needs of their business or  family. They don’t want any unwanted visitors entering their business or home and making them feel unsafe or the potential that someone could gain access to perform a theft. 

Working with a team that has experience installing these systems and a company that can offer a quality level of protection remains a critical feature of superior protection. 

If you are looking for a  company that can install, monitor and maintain a security system, we are here to help! We can give you access control, alarm and CCTV camera systems. If you have a home or business in  Victoria, Australia, feel free to call us today! 

We guarantee that our services satisfy all private home owners and commercial buildings and businesses in Melbourne, Australia.


Quality and affordable security services

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