24 Hour Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring

AllState Security offers 3 types of monitoring:

  • 1. Dialer
  • 2. IP (Internet Protocol
  • 3. GPRS

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Pricing based on a single storage dwelling with roof access.


Back to base monitoring is a service that can be added to your new or existing security system. It takes the hassle away from anybody but your security system, by notifying authorities when your alarm sirens activate.

As soon as any untoward activity is detected by your system, i.e. power failure, intrusion, tamper switch, etc. your security system will automatically send a signal down your telephone line to our 24-hour monitoring centre.

It’s then only a matter of seconds before one of our highly trained operators assesses this information and, depending on what signals are received, can:

  • Call the premises to confirm the exact nature of the emergency.
  • Call you or others on your emergency contact list to notify you of the situation.
  • Send out a patrol guard to investigate.
  • Send the Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance if required.

Monitoring Formats

To ensure complete peace of mind and to cater for all security applications, Allstate Security can provide numerous communication formats to meet both your individual security and budget requirements.

  • 1. Dialer
    The security system utilizes an existing telephone line at your premise, which automatically alerts our security monitoring centre when an alarm condition is detected.

    Our monitoring centres will not aware of any line faults or any deliberate attempts to cut the telephone line until a routine weekly test signal isn’t received.

  • 2. IP ( Internet Protocol)
    Whilst utilising an existing telephone line at your premise, IP has the added benefit of line supervision.

    The Internet connectivity constantly sends signals to our monitoring centre . As soon as these signals aren’t received, a line fault is detected and our monitoring centre will action this as an alarm condition.

  • 3. GPRS
    This is one of the best options available today.

    There are three different methods available for the alarm to use to communicate.

    Primarily the alarm will communicate to the control room via the GPRS network (the digital data side of the mobile phone network). If for some reason this fails, the GPRS will automatically transfer communication to the GSM network, and if that fails it will revert to a dialer.

    It monitors the voltage of the telephone circuit so in the event a thief cuts the phone line the control room will be informed

Within Australia, it is important to find out if an alarm monitoring station is graded and registered by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL).

Alarm monitoring stations are graded according to their internal security, their monitoring system integrity and their alarm action time. Building services and construction are graded on a scale from A to C (“A” being most resistant to attack). Operation, equipment and staff are graded on a scale from 1 to 3 (“1” having the highest performance).

The most secure and technically capable stations are designated Grade A1. All staff engaged in security work are licensed under appropriate State Law.

To qualify as a Grade A1 Monitoring Station, the facilty would need to comply with a number of requirements, including:

  • Being a free standing structure
  • Continuous monitoring by another Grade A1 monitoring station
  • Emergency power supplies serving all system functions
  • Emergency lights and respiratory equipment
  • Full automatic fire protection system and extinguishers
  • Direct lines to emergency services
  • Voice recording of phone lines
  • Visitor viewing area
  • Full system backup and redundancy files
  • Bi-directional communications to field operations
  • Voice record logging and 5-years event retention
  • Two staff on duty at all times
  • Backup alarm receiving equipment
  • Ability to function in the event of an attack against their premises or systems

At Allstate Security, Grade A1 standards are exceeded through our dedication to faster alarm response times, superior customer service and enhanced computing capabilities.

With all of these features in mind, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that 24 hours a day, 365 days a year your home is constantly being protected.


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