Mission Statement

Occupational Health & Safety


Allstate Security is commited to providing a safe and healthy work environment for not only its employees but also contractors, visitors, customers and the wider community.

To achieve this, Allstate Security regularly consult with employees on health and safety regulations and matters affecting their health, safety and welfare through effective communication of the health and safety policy and other health and safety related information.

All health and safety related policies are periodically revised and are consistent with company health and safety objectives and we also provide information, training and supervision for all employees in the correct use of equipment and substances used throughout the company.

Allstate Security introduced an effective reporting system in case of accidents, hazards and incidents occurring on the company premises or work sites or to company employees, contractors, visitors or to wider community members exposed to its operations.

Management are committed to continuous improvement in Allstate Security's safety and health performance and regularly inform staff on effective practices with the aim of eliminating work related injuries and illnesses.