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Allstate security offers a wide array of monitored security systems. These products help protect your home.

  • Motion detectors: Allow your window and doors to be monitored, and therefore serves as an additional layer of protection to your windows and doors. These devices can sense intruders moving through the home and hence serve as additional home security system equipment.
  • Audible alarms: Alert you when your protected doors and windows are opened. These products can be customized and expanded for larger homes.
  • High-decibel alarm system sirens: Help scare away intruders and also alerting neighbours in cases of emergencies. It plays a loud sound and helps in keeping your home free of intruders.
  • Back-up Battery Protection: This ensures that your home is protected even during power failure...
  • Yard Sign & Window Decals: Yard signs and window decals deter potential intruders by showing your home is now guarded by an advanced Allstate Security monitored home security system.
  • PIR (Passive infra red) alarm systems are triggered by motion detection sensors, glass break detectors or reed switches which are installed in areas that are vulnerable such as entry and exit points. (Pet detection sensors may need to be a consideration f you have pets.)
  • A home security camera wont make loud noises or alert your neighbours that there is a threat to your home but the images recorded by a CCTV camera can be accessed via a mobile device or your computer and recorded on a DVR to be played back and stored for viewing at a later time.

Teamed with a detection alarm, you will have a very effective deterrent for burglars. Should they attempt to break in, you will be able to provide images to the police and assist in the burglar's arrest and the recovery of any items taken.

Popular options for our domestic alarm systems are:

  • Door reed switches - Can trigger an alarm while intruders are still outside. They accurately trigger the keypad entry warning timer. Door reeds back up a movement sensor to confirm an intrusion and can be armed seperately at night. Many companies don't mention reeds as they can be tricky to install.
  • Window reed switches - Detect intrusion through a window and can be armed at night. We use supervised wireless reeds where wiring is otherwise impossible.
  • Wireless Keyfobs - Are used to arm and disarm the alarm system and even open the garage door.
  • Proximity Fobs - We can supply keypads with inbuilt proximity readers so users don't have to remember pin codes. We can install systems that can provide automation tasks such as opening a door using these fobs.
  • Smoke or Heat Detectors - Our monitoring centre can notify you and/or call the fire brigade. Heat detectors are installed in kitchens where smoke alarms will potentially trigger accidentally.
  • Medical alarm pendants or buttons - Monitoring can alert your relatives and/or send an ambulance in the event of a medical emergency.
  • We aim to provide great value and excellent service so call us for a free assessment and quote.
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